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Dried Lavender Bag

20g Lavender bag.
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The most common use of lavender dried flowers
1.Lavender dried flowers can bu use  for making tea( If you like sweetyou can add crystal  sugar or honey) it's fragrance has a wonderful effect on Soothe the nerves and beauty .
2.Add in the dessert can make a unique lavender flavor .
3.Lavender is synonymous with love and romance,can make alavender  sachet and accessories and send it to the one you love ,or use it daily to Perfume clothes.Its fresh and distant aroma of taste will bring a good interpersonal harmony effect.
4.Used to fill the pillow,Have a clear effect in relieving physical and nervous fatigue resulting from work stress.More than 96% of clinical trials feedback that  lavender has an amazing effect on improving sleep,91.9% of people think that lavender is the most significant effect of Soothe the nerves and relieve fatigue among  among aromatherapy plants participating in the test experiment.
5. Used to assist in alleviating hypertension,in clinical trials put the subjects  in a lavender aromatherapy room,after 3 minutes  test his heart rate and blood pressure,you can find  the result Significantly slowed,after 5 minutes,  mind and body were obviously relaxed and my face was happy.and the condition was happy
6.used for mosquito sterilization,The unique smell of dried lavender flowers can effectively repel mosquitoes, can effectively kill airborne bacteria.
7.lavender soaked water have significant effect on  sweat feet, athlete's foot and tinea pedis.put about 10 grams of dried lavender flowers in hot water, and after 10 minutes soak your feet (suggest proper massage To promote the absorption of aroma molecules),can feel the effect in the same night .
8. Lavender flower bath,have a magical effect on  treating  skin eczema, skin ringworm and eliminate acne ...etc.take about 10-50 grams of lavender dried flowers(depending on water) and  soak in a pot of hot water for 10-15 minutes, and put it on the body after the shower , and then dry the body ,it will be better if you have a a bathtub .Generally you can see the results in 1-3 times ,Improve back acne and dermatitis and other symptoms.
9.Lavender sachet: Lavender sachet can be hanged in the house or  car, filled with a heavenly lavender fragrance, it is refreshing, leisurely.can make you relax and happy...
10.The lavender dried flowers placed in the bathroom can dispose of unpleasant odors,can pest control and sterilization by putting in the closet
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