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Grape Seed Oil

It stimulates skin cells and works to hydrate, increases the homogeneity of the skin, reduces the sensitivity of the skin, and has an effective impact on oily skin.
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50 ML: 50 ml
Massage, reconcile.

Skin type:
More suitable for sensitive and oily skin that suffers from acne

Grape seed is anti-oxidant, works against aging, the best source provides a balanced acidic balance and a lot of minerals and nourishing vitamins, used in diet eliminates cholesterol and reduces body fat, greatly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.Grape seed extracted from hot pressing is yellowish green, has almost no taste, is not high in price, but it is a very useful essential oil, contains vitamins, minerals and protein, does not contain any cholesterol, but also contains linoleic acid, acid OLYC,Linoleic acid helps to moisturize and nourish the skin, while oleic acid helps skin to absorb .he oil is light and non-greasy, gentle on the skin, easy to absorb, moisturizes , suitable for all types of skin, and because its texture is light and easy to absorb it is very suitable for oily skin or  acne skin>rape seed oil is also an excellent medium oil, so it carries small particles of vegetable oil, penetrates skin layers quickly and enters the deep layers and produces oxides.  the regular use of grape seed oil has excellent effectiveness for skin moisturizing .Grape seed oil is not as rich in vitamin E as any other essential oil. In addition, grape seed oil is extracted by hot pressing (because the cold pressure does not extract the required  Grape seed oil can be used alone or 10% to 25% added to other essential ois.(Product definition) is a leader in essential oils, its natural and non-polluting raw materials that blended with modern technology, It has been manufactured by healthy medical standards, a healthy and safe product manufactured by a medical institution, guaranteed quality! . "with jajoba oil or avocado oil. "
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