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Sweet Almond Oil

Provide adequate nutrition for skin, promote cell growth.
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50 ML: 50 ml
Massage, reconcile.

Skin type:
Suitable for children's skin, dry skin, wrinkled skin, sensitive skin, raging skin.

"Almond oil is the most common oil in essential oils, and is usually refined from the heart of a sweet almond tree (not bitter almond tree).so it is also called "sweet almond oil." It is very light yellow, with a light nut taste, although not high in price, but it has great medical effectiveness. It is rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins, including vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, D and E. It is the most important vegetable oils to maintain good skin, suitable for all skin types. Because it is very nice on skin, it can also be used on children's skin. The skin regains its luster and flexibility, it also reduces the itching of the skin, and reduce the symptoms of inflammation, drought and swelling. If you used a pregnant woman in the long term can alleviate stretch marks, and in addition to this work on moisturizing dry nails and cracked.Almond oil can stimulate the action of the endocrine, adrenal and adrenal glands and promotes cellular regeneration. Sweet and bitter almond oil strengthens the function of the cell with oxygen and helps to relieve muscle pain caused by the excessive exercise of sport, has the role of dwelling in the reduction of carbonic acid and reduce fatigue.Sweet almond oil and grape seed oil are the most widely used oils, but sweet almond oil contains vitamin E, so the shelf life is longer. Because it does not penetrate the surface of the skin as quickly as grape seed oil does, its range of use is wider in massage.Sweet almond oil can be used alone, or 10% to 25% can be used with other naphtha oils, especially with jajoba oil or avocado oil. "
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